Cooking for Kids: Chefs’ Go-To Recipes That Keep It Simple and Please the Picky

I BEGAN WRITING about my son and his tricky eating habits six years ago. At the time, Achilles was only four and I was a cookbook author and restaurant critic for the New York Observer newspaper. The first book inspired by our dinner dynamic—my passion for food, his distaste for it—was a children’s book called “Can I Eat That?” It was an imaginary dialogue meant to foster a love of xiao long bao, tournedos and tostadas in young readers. I wanted to get away from the finger-wagging, carrot-and-stick routine Achilles and I had developed à table. Six children’s books later,

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The best independent coffee shop in your state

Microsoft and partners may be

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40 Cheese Appetizers That Are Ooey, Gooey and Oh So Easy to Make

There’s one thing everybody at any party can agree upon: cheese. But it’s time to go beyond a basic cheese plate, people (yawn). Instead, serve one (or several) of these drool-worthy cheese appetizers. We’re talking decadent baked Brie, savory goat cheese dip and more.

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We’ve tasted many baked Bries in our day, but none compares to this recipe. And despite how fancy it looks, it only takes 30 minutes to cook to melty perfection.

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Skillet fondue, we think we love you. Scratch that—we

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DOH eyes ban on ‘trans fat-free’ labels in food products

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued an administrative order (AO) that seeks to prohibit, among others, the labeling of food products as “trans-fatty acid (TFA)-free.”

In a forum, Rodley Carza of the DOH Health Promotion Bureau said the agency’s AO 2021-0039 aims to reduce Filipinos’ TFA intake to less than 1% of their recommended total energy intake by ridding the food supply of industrially-produced TFA by 2023.

He explained that industrially-produced TFAs are common in pre-packaged goods like chips and cookies, baked goods, as well as in spreads, butter, and shortening.

The AO prohibits front-of-pack labels that claim a

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Easy Recipes: Beat Your Hunger In 15 Minutes With These Easy Lunch Ideas

It’s almost noon, and now you have to think about what to make for lunch. While we stay busy with our household chores, work meetings, and other assignments – the question of what to have for lunch stands on our heads like a sword. We all sometimes wish that we had a cook who could make anything that we wished to eat. But, alas, we have become cooks ourselves ever since the lockdown began. If you are still thinking about what to quickly make for lunch in the middle of all your work, then we have just the recipes for

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