New food brand aims to make healthy eating habitual | 2021-08-27

NEW YORK — A new functional food brand is debuting with the goal of making healthy eating habitual.

Kreatures of Habit is launching with The PrOATagonist, an individually-packaged, plant-based and gluten-free oatmeal. Developed over a year of testing and formulation, The PrOATagonist was designed to be “an optimized approach to everyone’s favorite instant oatmeal,” the company said.

Providing 30 grams of protein per serving, the breakfast offering is made with gluten-free rolled oats, pea protein, roasted salted pumpkin seeds, maple sugar, brown flax seeds, chia seed powder, Himalayan pink salt, amylase blend, stevia, bacillus subtilis probiotics and 7,000 IU’s of

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Who is Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten and why is he trending?

A COLUMNIST is facing backlash from the Indian community after writing a harsh review of their food in a Washington Post op-ed.

Now, an Indian model and Top Chef judge Padma Lakshmi clapped back at the author’s food opinion.

Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten


Washington Post columnist Gene WeingartenCredit: Getty

Who is Washington Post columnist Gene Weingarten?

Weingarten, 69, is an American syndicated humor columnist at the Washington Post, known for his serious and humorous work.

The Bronx native has been a writer at the Washington Post since the 1990s.

Weingarten is a two-time winner of the Pulitzer Prize for feature writing.


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Candy v kale: healthy food comes to US corner stores in fight against ‘retail redlining’ | Food poverty

When Samantha Pounder and Hannah Choi imagine the shelves of a corner store, they see fresh aloe and kale instead of the usual sugary, shrink-wrapped confections and salty snacks.

It’s a vision that will soon become a reality when the pair open Muki’s Market in Washington DC, one of the newest additions to a growing movement to supply big city food deserts with healthy corner stores.

“The reality is there’s a need for more fresh food options,” says Pounder, food access director of Arcadia, a local non-profit. “When there are no grocery stores within walking distance or even a

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A new coffee shop has opened in Topeka

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) -There is a new coffee shop on the block, with a twist.

“Cafe Quetzal is a coffee shop, community center, and church hybrid all wrapped into one. So, if you come in during a weekday it would look like your traditional coffee shop, and we hope it’s very welcoming. And then, we will host community events with community members throughout the week, and also we will have a church service on Sunday mornings,” said Christine Potter.

The name of the cafe was inspired by their experience in another country.

“And so quetzal is the bird of Guatemala,

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REVIEW: Appetizers, Entrees, and Desserts from Todd English’s Bluezoo

We decided to spend Valentine’s Day Evening this year at none other than Todd English’s Bluezoo. Located in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel, Todd English’s Bluezoo is home to award-winning international coastal cuisine. Advanced Dining Reservations are highly recommended at this restaurant, and keep in mind it is only open for dinner.

With that said, let’s eat!


As part of enhanced health and safety measures, guests will view the menu on their mobile device by scanning the QR code displayed at the front.


A card placed on the table lets guests know that the table has been cleaned and

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