FRAMINGHAM, MA — A mostly vacant slab of land along Route 9 in Framingham may soon become the site of a combination car wash and drive-thru coffee shop, according to plans submitted to the Planning Board.

The new combo business would take over the block along eastbound Route 9 between Curve Street and Wheeler Avenue, which is vacant expect for two homes near Wheeler.

Architectural plans submitted to the city indicate the coffee shop would be a SevenBrew — a company that so far only has locations in Arkansas. The car wash would be under the brand Reign, although it’s unclear from the plans if those brands are final, or just placeholders.

According to property records, the land is owned by three separate companies: 802 Worcester Road Limited Partnership, Eight-08 Worcester Road, LLC and Eight-16 Worcester Road, LLC. In June, the companies authorized Westborough-based Universal Property Management to file permits for the project.

The public will get a chance to view the plans and give feedback at Thursday’s Planning Board meeting. There will also be a separate car wash project on the agenda: Scrub-A-Dub Auto Centers Inc. is applying for permission to tear down and rebuild the car wash at 1183 Worcester Road.