Coffee Shop Owner in Raised Wages to $15 and Got 50 Job Applications

  • At a coffee shop in Jefferson, Iowa, job applications are pouring in because it pays $15 an hour.
  • Greene Bean Coffee owner Rich Osborne says he got about 50 applications in two weeks after raising pay.
  • He told Insider it disproves the narrative that nobody wants to work right now.

Greene Bean Coffee in Iowa is demonstrating the power of paying workers $15 an hour.

Once the shop raised wages to $15 in June, owner Rich Osborne told Insider, “that kind of upended the entire narrative out there that people don’t want to work after the

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Jefferson coffee shop flooded with applications after raising wage to $15 an hour | News

JEFFERSON: Bold. Refreshing. Ethically sourced.

And that’s just the coffee shop owner.

Rich Osborne, who owns Greene Bean Coffee in downtown Jefferson with wife Reagan, said they “knew it was the right thing to do, the right direction to go” when they recently instituted a new starting wage for all employees: $15 an hour.

What they couldn’t foresee was how the move would upend the narrative that an ongoing labor shortage — one that has caused some businesses to limit hours — is the fault of people who “don’t want to work.”

The Osbornes in early July advertised their

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