Specialty coffee shops and cafes are opening around downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix has many great options for grabbing a cup of joe, and soon, coffee fans will have four new options to try.

One stylish cafe, open inside the MonOrchid building on Roosevelt Row, features decor inspired by both Tulum, Mexico, and the Scandinavian region of northern Europe.

A Portland, Oregon, transplant has taken up residence on Grand Avenue, and on the other side of Central Avenue, a new Arizona-themed coffee shop is scheduled to open near Margaret T. Hance Park later this summer. 

And fans of crepes rejoice: A local coffee and crepe chain is expanding to a bungalow

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“For the morning gays”: The importance of LGBTQ-owned cafes as sober, queer spaces

When I call Andrew Zarro on a sweltering July afternoon, he’s taking a break before he starts his second job as a councilperson in Portland, Maine. He’s just spent eight hours at Little Woodfords, his coffee shop, which is easily identifiable by the rainbow flag fluttering above the peachy-pink front door. 

In both positions, he has big plans for his community. 

“In Portland right now, there really are not many queer spaces and that’s a problem that we need to continue to work on as a community,” Zarro said. “How do we get back to those spaces that are

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