Black-owned coffeeshop looks to end “whitewashing” of coffee industry

“How much caffeine do you need?” Felton Kizer is fond of asking customers who come into Monday Coffee Company. Then, depending on their response, Kizer sets off to concoct something unique: a cold brew, a latte, a chai tea.

Monday Coffee Company launched last October, showing up at pop-up events like the Ace Hotel for Compop or Logan Square’s Sauced Sundays. For a year and a half before that, though, Kizer and his partner Amanda Harth had been discussing going into the coffee business. They felt it would be a way to foster community in the midst of the pandemic.

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Central Pa sisters open bakery and coffeeshop

Postmasters Coffee and Bakery has something for every coffee shop enthusiast, from foamy lattes to hot mocha’s and everything in-between. 

Located at 11235 Buchanan Trail East in Waynesboro, the shop opened in early June and since has been dazzling the taste buds of its customers. 

Abby said the name for their business was inspired by values that they saw in the postal service, drawing inspiration on how it connects people. “The post office became the gathering place for those in town; something we desire is to be the gathering place for our community.”

The Daniels sisters started their journey in

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