Peanut Butter During Pregnancy: Cravings, Safety, and More

Knowing what’s OK to eat during pregnancy can be among the first concerns you have after getting a positive pregnancy test. In my dietetics practice, I work closely with pregnant people who share their strong food cravings and aversions.

As a dietitian, I remember feeling guilty in my first trimester of pregnancy because I couldn’t stand the thought of vegetables. Needless to say, pregnancy can change your tastes in ways you might not expect.

It’s likely no surprise that following a well-balanced healthy eating pattern is crucial for the optimal health of both mom and baby. You might wonder whether

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Sate your appetizer cravings with these 5 recipes

St. Louis Post-Dispatch

It happens all the time: We go to a nice restaurant and begin our meal with an appetizer that is simply amazing.

And then the rest of the meal fails to live up to it.

Maybe chefs try harder with appetizers. Maybe appetizers are where restaurants feel free to experiment with new ideas. Maybe restaurants concentrate on appetizers because they bring in more profit, relative to cost, than entrées.

Or maybe appetizers just catch us diners unaware. They are usually the first thing we eat at a restaurant, so we are impressed by how good they are.

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