Enjoy the snacks and appetizers | Sports

Do you remember when your mom used to tell you not to have a snack or it will ruin your appetite for dinner?

Actually, let me circle back around to that but first point out that fall is here. Time seems to go by faster every year. To some, that’s a good thing, for others, not so much.

Sure, I wouldn’t mind a tad bit more time for summer but overall, I’m pumped for the fall because it means we’re that much closer to another football season and hopefully a normal one at that.

I’ve said several times in my

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Tour the Moltrup mansion and enjoy wine & appetizers for fundraiser

BEAVER FALLS — Wine, appetizers and a tour of the Moltrup mansion are part of a July 22 fundraiser for the Beaver Falls Community Development Corp.

Stephen Moltrup, founder of Moltrup Steel in Beaver Falls, built the house for his family around 1912 with monies from his patents. He made major developments in the steel industry, including precision flat plates that were made in his mill for the U.S. Mint.

“The house is unusual, in that it is all steel and cement, basically a fort,” Carrie Havranek, current owner of the recently renovated structure along with her husband, Gary, said. 

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Move Over Paneer Tikka: Enjoy this Spicy Mushroom Tikka Recipe Guilt-Free

Are you bored of making the same paneer tikka every time you have guests over? Do you feel like experimenting in the kitchen without having to put in a lot of effort? Then we have got your back! Use mushrooms to make the juiciest mushroom tikka recipe that will not only amaze your friends but also will help with weight loss.

Mushrooms For Weight Loss:

Mushrooms are known to promote weight loss as they are packed with protein, fibre, vitamin D and are low in calorie. Moreover, they are low in carbs with only one cup of mushrooms containing three

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