Morrisons gives schools free gardening equipment to help kids reconnect with nature and healthy food

Morrisons has launched ‘It’s Good To Grow’, a campaign in all of its stores that will donate gardening equipment to schoolchildren across the UK in the hope of educating kids about where their food comes from.

The scheme will see customers gain one ‘It’s Good to Grow’ token in their My Morrisons account via the app and website for every £10 spent in store or online, which can then be donated to any school to redeem equipment such as gardening tools, composting bins and seeds to get growing.

The National Food Strategy, published earlier this year, outlined the need for

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Best Whole Foods Gluten Free Products

Struggling to fill your pantry with gluten-free foods you can actually eat and enjoy? Been there, done that. And I FEEL for you. When I was first introduced to a gluten-free diet, I felt intimidated, scared, and defeated. For me, gluten-free meant no more beloved bread, pasta, or cake — I didn’t realize how many *insanely* delicious gluten-free recipes were out there (or that gluten-free baking was absolutely a thing).

For months, I searched high and low for gf foods I could eat, afford, and actually enjoy — and it wasn’t easy. It meant trying every brand under the sun

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A free class for better health

What type of medicine requires no prescription, no pharmacy, and no clinical trials?


While food is not actually a drug, it certainly acts like medicine in the way it enhances health and helps prevent disease.

Eating sensibly can contribute immensely to managing weight and preventing the number one killer in the United States – heart disease. One great way to do that is through the Food is Medicine program that was developed by renowned research dietitian Mary Flynn, PhD, RD, LDN, and that I teach in a class that is free of charge to the community. Another excellent option

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Kraft discontinues fat free mayo

Mayonnaise in a glass bowl on white background

Photo: milanfoto (Getty Images)

If you’re someone who “watches what you eat,” it’s important not to deny yourself the foods you crave by replacing them with a pale imitation of what you actually desire. Speaking from experience, that tactic only builds resentment toward the lower-calorie or otherwise “healthier” alternatives, rather than leaving you feeling satisfied with the swap. Nothing illustrates the gulf between regular and fat-free foods better than mayonnaise, a condiment that exists to add fattiness to food but whose fat-free iteration has somehow been allowed to proliferate for the last several decades. Today, Kraft Mayo

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