Martha Just Launched a Gourmet Frozen Food Line, Featuring Everything from Appetizers to Desserts

Martha has provided her fans with delicious recipes for decades, but now, some of her favorite gourmet dishes are even easier to make. Our founder is bringing a series of frozen meals to over 10,000 grocery stores across the country via her new line, Martha Stewart Kitchen. “We’ve had great success with our Martha and Marley meal kits and many people were asking, ‘Why don’t you do stuff like this that’s already prepared?'” she told People. “Especially during COVID, so many people were at home and they had their family to take care of and their jobs to

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9 Healthy Frozen Dessert Recipes You Have to Try

Remember the frozen yogurt craze? Well, get ready for froyo 2.0. This thick and creamy frozen dessert is inspired by the blended yogurt drink called lassi, which originated in India, according to Britannica. Lassis can be savory or sweet, and this one is a bit of both.

Even better, it’s made with probiotic-rich Greek yogurt, which helps populate your gut with beneficial bacteria that have been shown to have a host of health benefits, from aiding digestion to helping the body make certain vitamins and amino acids, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. A

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