Food Podcast: Why donors are investing in healthy food

On this episode of the Food Podcast presented by Clearview Federal Credit Union, the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank talks with Arconic Foundation about why it was so important to step up to help local communities during the pandemic.

Before the pandemic, the food bank started the Grow, Share Thrive campaign aimed to expand the warehouse and make the warehouse capable of housing and distributing 50% produce.

Arconic Foundation has gifted the food bank $375,000 since 2020 in an effort to help meet that goal and provide support during the pandemic.

“When you look at an organization such as the

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NC food program to expand, providing food boxes to more people and investing in farms | Business Local

“When the shutdowns were happening, there were farmers markets and restaurants closing down, and a little bit of panic was setting in,” Miller said. “It put farmers in a bind. They were now without those immediate markets to sell their products.”

CFSA organizers also began considering those who had lost their jobs during the pandemic. Eventually, the association partnered with the Piedmont Culinary Guild, a forum for farmers and culinary professionals. Soon thereafter, they began working with local food hubs to sign up laid-off restaurant and hospitality workers to receive produce boxes.

Jesse Leadbetter, co-founder of Charlotte-based foodhub and delivery

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