How long does milk stay good past the expiration date?

Milk can stay safe to consume for several days past the expiration date. Expiration dates on food and drink products relate to their quality rather than their safety. Drinking spoiled milk can make people unwell, but it is typically easy to tell when milk is bad.

There are many types of expiration dates on food and drink products, which can be confusing. Producers of milk typically pasteurize it to kill off bacteria before selling it. However, milk can still spoil and become unsafe for consumption.

In this article, we discuss how long milk can stay safe past the expiration date

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How Long Does It Really Take to Make Healthy Eating and Exercise a Habit?

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While it’s no surprise that humans are creatures of habit, research shows that as much as 45% of people’s behaviors happen on repeat each and every day, and often in the same location and around the same time. Your morning coffee? That’s a habit. Binge-watching Netflix to fall asleep each night? That’s a habit too. For some people, waking up at 5:30 every morning to work out for an hour is a habit.

But the beauty of habits (provided they’re healthy habits) isn’t just that you perform them regularly, it’s that you perform them automatically and without thought.

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