Best Whole Foods Gluten Free Products

Struggling to fill your pantry with gluten-free foods you can actually eat and enjoy? Been there, done that. And I FEEL for you. When I was first introduced to a gluten-free diet, I felt intimidated, scared, and defeated. For me, gluten-free meant no more beloved bread, pasta, or cake — I didn’t realize how many *insanely* delicious gluten-free recipes were out there (or that gluten-free baking was absolutely a thing).

For months, I searched high and low for gf foods I could eat, afford, and actually enjoy — and it wasn’t easy. It meant trying every brand under the sun

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DOH eyes ban on ‘trans fat-free’ labels in food products

The Department of Health (DOH) has issued an administrative order (AO) that seeks to prohibit, among others, the labeling of food products as “trans-fatty acid (TFA)-free.”

In a forum, Rodley Carza of the DOH Health Promotion Bureau said the agency’s AO 2021-0039 aims to reduce Filipinos’ TFA intake to less than 1% of their recommended total energy intake by ridding the food supply of industrially-produced TFA by 2023.

He explained that industrially-produced TFAs are common in pre-packaged goods like chips and cookies, baked goods, as well as in spreads, butter, and shortening.

The AO prohibits front-of-pack labels that claim a

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