Peanut Butter During Pregnancy: Cravings, Safety, and More

Knowing what’s OK to eat during pregnancy can be among the first concerns you have after getting a positive pregnancy test. In my dietetics practice, I work closely with pregnant people who share their strong food cravings and aversions.

As a dietitian, I remember feeling guilty in my first trimester of pregnancy because I couldn’t stand the thought of vegetables. Needless to say, pregnancy can change your tastes in ways you might not expect.

It’s likely no surprise that following a well-balanced healthy eating pattern is crucial for the optimal health of both mom and baby. You might wonder whether

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Famous star Zheng Kai’s hot pot restaurant apologizes after serious food safety issue exposed

Chinese actor Zheng Kai (left) and South Korean singer Gary star in the fourth season of the Chinese version of South Korean show Running Man.Photo: CFP

Huofengxiang, a hot pot franchise owned by popular Chinese entertainer Zheng Kai, issued an official apology late Saturday night addressing a “quality issue” involving poor hygiene and spoiled food at his restaurants. 

The apology came after a vlogger on Friday posted an undercover footage of one of Zheng’s hot pot restaurant branches on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo. 

The video showed employees reusing leftovers from customers and serving diners spoiled ingredients. 

Other more disgusting details

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