Meet the Three Sisters Behind Colorado’s First Vietnamese Coffee Shop

Tí Cafe
From left: Shominic, Sashaline, and Shasitie Nguyen, owners of Tí Cafe. Photos courtesy of Tí Cafe.

Eat and Drink

The treats at Tí Cafe—flan floats, lychee soda, egg coffee, mooncakes, and more—are traditional and idiosyncratic all at once.

Even before the first sip, waiting in line at Tí Cafe is a multisensory experience: smelling dark coffee slow-dripping through rows of silver coffee filters; watching Vietnamese music videos play amidst a multimedia art exhibit near the window; and listening to the Nguyen sisters laugh as they bustle behind the bar, taking orders and making drinks.

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Central Pa sisters open bakery and coffeeshop

Postmasters Coffee and Bakery has something for every coffee shop enthusiast, from foamy lattes to hot mocha’s and everything in-between. 

Located at 11235 Buchanan Trail East in Waynesboro, the shop opened in early June and since has been dazzling the taste buds of its customers. 

Abby said the name for their business was inspired by values that they saw in the postal service, drawing inspiration on how it connects people. “The post office became the gathering place for those in town; something we desire is to be the gathering place for our community.”

The Daniels sisters started their journey in

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