The Surprising Downside To Paleo That No One Tells You About, According To Experts

The paleo diet, otherwise known as the caveman diet, is a way of eating which focuses on the most basic food items that would be foraged for in nature, completely eliminating processed foods in favor of more nutrient dense items. “This diet plan came from the idea that people in the past were pretty much healthy and free from different forms of illnesses, until such time that agricultural revolutions were established and diseases emerged,” explains Dr. Mubashar Rehman, PhD. 

Therefore, paleo is often useful for those struggling with diseases such as diabetes and hypertension as this method of

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The Unexpected Downside To Fat-Free Food Substitutes That No One Tells You About, According To A Doctor

“Fat free” is a sort of buzz word in the fitness community that has mistakenly become synonymous with “healthy.” Many opt for the “low-fat” or “fat-free” options of their favorite foods, thinking the swap is automatically the better choice for leading a healthy lifestyle or embarking on a weight loss journey. However, it’s not always that simple. On the contrary, our body needs sources of healthy fats to sustain. You may be choosing low-fat foods thinking you’re making a healthier choice, but a consistently low-fat diet could actually have dangerous effects.

Dryness, Aging, Acne–This Serum Does It ALL



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