2021 Meals & Beverage Trend Report

Trending FoodYou could have noticed a current influx of food goods marked with phrases like “gluten-free of charge” and “dairy-cost-free” at your regional grocery retailer. The meals stations idea in specific is taking off – guests can pick which foods they want and get to know their fellow wedding guests (and remove waste if you’re into the eco-friendly wedding trends). Making healthier meals alternatives is now an daily occurrence. Being equipped with the understanding of how to make healthier options at fast food eateries is essential to getting the most out of a dining possibility that is practical, affordable and truly … Read more

‘Snickles’ made of Snicker-stuffed pickles are a food trend

TikTokers are alternately relishing — or having a dill-emma about this new pickle trend.

As though air fryer pasta chips weren’t strange enough, TikTokers are now obsessing over “snickles,” a bizarre food trend in which people put together Snickers and pickles.

Snickles are pickles that have been cut in half and stuffed with a Snickers bar in the middle. The odd pairing has gained significant traction on TikTok though — the hashtag #snickle has amassed over 10.8 million views.

This trend has been around for a few years, but it has recently seen a jump in popularity. Back in 2018,

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TikTok’s ‘pasta chips’ trend turns the Italian dish into snackable finger food

Pasta chips are the latest TikTok food craze that’s putting a spin and crunch on the traditionally soft dish.

The viral food trend’s hashtag alone has racked up more than 364.3 million views on the popular video-sharing app, and verified TikTok creators have already given it their stamps of approval.

All it requires is boiled pasta, your preferred seasonings and oil, an airfryer or similar appliance or tool that can fry or bake, according to Feel Good Foodie – an American digital food media company created by Yumna Jawad.


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