Meet the Three Sisters Behind Colorado’s First Vietnamese Coffee Shop

Tí Cafe
From left: Shominic, Sashaline, and Shasitie Nguyen, owners of Tí Cafe. Photos courtesy of Tí Cafe.

Eat and Drink

The treats at Tí Cafe—flan floats, lychee soda, egg coffee, mooncakes, and more—are traditional and idiosyncratic all at once.

Even before the first sip, waiting in line at Tí Cafe is a multisensory experience: smelling dark coffee slow-dripping through rows of silver coffee filters; watching Vietnamese music videos play amidst a multimedia art exhibit near the window; and listening to the Nguyen sisters laugh as they bustle behind the bar, taking orders and making drinks.

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New cafe offers customers authentic Vietnamese coffee

Kim Dam, the owner of Portland Ca Phe, sits in front of a painting of Vietnam in her coffee shop.

Kim Dam, the owner of Portland Ca Phe, sits in front of a painting of Vietnam in her coffee shop.

Steven Tonthat / OPB

Kimberly Dam, the owner of Portland Cà Phê, wants to offer all of the popular coffee drinks one could normally find in any standard coffee shop, but with a twist: using coffee beans harvested and imported from Vietnam.

“What I wanted for Portland Cà Phê was to showcase that it could be enjoyed in any way that you like your coffee; a plain espresso, a drip coffee, a

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Vietnamese coffee finds Seattle’s sweet spot

The first generation of Vietnamese coffee houses around Seattle catered directly to a single core audience: Vietnamese immigrants in search of the strong Robusta coffee they loved in a place that felt like home. But, starting last year, a new wave of Vietnamese coffee shops hit Seattle, aiming to share the Vietnamese coffee culture with a broader audience while combining it with that of the Pacific Northwest.

“There’s a fully caffeinated Vietnamese coffee movement sweeping America,” Dan Q. Dao wrote recently in a feature in Imbibe Magazine that spotlighted shops around the country, including Phin and Hello Em, both in … Read more